One day in the middle of a dark night, at a small town in a U.S. country side,
I was wandering around along the street...I found something...
there was a neon sign...
It read "Flower Sun Rain"... What is this?
Even many days later, it was still in my mind.
What is "Flower Sun Rain"?
One day I decided to go there again and check it out. But I found nothing there...
What was it then??
What the heck is Flower Sun Rain?
Was it an illusion or an aftermath of old gift shops in its former glory during the 70's?
Was it a ghost?
Or was it from my trauma in childhood that I so awed with American culture?

The name "Flower Sun Rain" is inspired by a 1971 song produced by Japanese rock band "PYG". The Artist is also a professional designer for video games, fashion brands, music CD covers and illustrations of books.
Flower Sun Rain (FSR) is a silver accessories brand with designs driven on the imagination of The Artist and his influence from American culture in the 1970's.
The Artist creates finely-detailed jewelry reminiscent of images from souvenir stores, gift shops, Americana artistry and events from the unforgettable eight decade of the 20th Century.
Growing up in the 70's, The Artist was exposed to various cultures, including hippie, new cinema, Denver's choppers and psychedelic art.
With this combination of influences, he decided to transform his world of views and experiences into a wearable collection of fine jewelry - FSR.
The FSR collection features unique designs, expressing both strong and delicate feelings, produced using CAD and handmade techniques.
FSR jewelry pieces are fancy and bold, yet convey feelings of love, fun and humor for the wearer.
In the jewelry industry, men's jewelry tends to all look the same and many people just wear those accessories because of the publicity or the value of the brand names.
It is important to have "strong" as a key element for men's silver jewelry, but FSR makes the actual "strong" hidden amongst a sense of humor or a love of pleasure.




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